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Biomass cover image with cow

Our biomass plant

The Green Deal for us started years ago, and it never stops! An organic farm must invest consistently over time to achieve the best possible results:

  • for animal welfare
  • for the health and the pleasure the consumer gets from tasting it
  • for the environment in which we operate
  • for the well-being of staff working in the company

We made a short video of only 1 minute to explain the importance of the biomass plant we have on the farm to reduce the environmental impact of the barn. Producing a good organic hay milk cheese is not enough if you don’t make an effort to minimize your impact on the environment. Livestock farms are one of the pollutants that have the greatest impact on the atmosphere. The biomass plant acts on the manure obtaining two benefits: 1) The production of clean electricity; 2) the abatement of methane and CO2 emissions from manure, which can become excellent organic fertilizer with zero impact on the atmosphere.

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