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The creams and sauces are handcrafted using only the fresh vegetables grown in the company’s own gardens. The vegetables are cut into strips and cooked slowly “under vacuum” at low temperatures, with the addition of extra virgin olive oil until they become soft and lose their initial brownness. The creams are acidified with wine vinegar from natural fermentation or a mixture of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice, sea salt, brown sugar, spices and herbs. All ingredients are controlled and certified according to the organic production method.

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    Crema di aglio orsino bio

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Latteria Biologica Friulana
Via Montello, 7 - Turrida, UD, Italia


  • Turrida

    LU MA ME GI VE SA : 7.00 -13.00

  • Udine

    MA 15-19 | VE 8-13 | SA 8-13

  • Pordenone

    ME 8-13 | SA 8-13

  • Gorizia

     GI 8-13 | SA 8-13

Logo La SIsile

Azienda Agricola La Sisile
Via S. Antonio, 36 - Talmassons, UD, Italia
P.IVA/C.F. 01981450305

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