Friuli Colli Orientali DOC
A full and multifaceted wine, with floral notes that give grace and complexity at the same time. Lively, light, never banal, powerful yet with a freshness to savor, to taste, to swirl on the palate, playing with the bitter almond finish just hinted at and diluted by a slight sweetness. Balanced to the point of evoking tradition but detaching itself from it with finesse and grace.

Bibenda 4Grappoli
Veronelli **/***
Touring Club Good Wines of Italy 4*
Gambero Rosso 2Bicchieri
Italian Sommelier Association AIS 2Tralci

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Soil: Stratification (flysch) of marls and sandstones with clayey fabric
Vineyard planting: Plots surrounded by forest
Vineyard location: On hillside terraces
Training system: Simple Guyot
Average density: 5000 vines per hectare
Average yield: 1.2 kg per strain
Altitude: From 200 to 300 mt above sea level
Harvesting: Selection of the bunches of grapes and hand picking into boxes
Average age of the vines: 20 years
Vineyard Orientation: South, South-East, South-West, West
Treatments of the vines: Treatments of coverage: copper and sulphur of mine
Tillage: Spontaneous grassing

in the cellar

Harvest 2018

Vinification: Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts mainly in cement tanks
Maturation: 9 months, aged on yeasts
Number of bottles produced: 10,000 approx.
Alcoholic strength: 13% Vol
Reducing sugars: 1,9 g/l
Total acidity: 4.5 g/l

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Characteristics: dry white wine, fruity on the nose, mineral and sapid on the palate, bitter almond finish
Suggested pairings: Vegetable soups and velvety soups, asparagus, eggs, seafood
Serving temperature: 10-12°C


Latteria Biologica Friulana
Via Montello, 7 - Turrida, UD, Italia


  • Turrida

    LU MA ME GI VE SA : 7.00 -13.00

  • Udine

    MA 15-19 | VE 8-13 | SA 8-13

  • Pordenone

    ME 8-13 | SA 8-13

  • Gorizia

     GI 8-13 | SA 8-13

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