Fresh Organic Dairy Cheese with hay milk

Made with hay milk s.t.g.
13,50 | Vacuum packed portions.

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Characteristics of Organic Dairy Cheese

Homogeneous, straw-yellow colour, crust present, widespread but slight, homogeneous eye formation
The taste is delicate, slightly aromatic, with a hint of milk and fresh butter.
Traditional processing of raw milk, without the use of preservatives


Milk, salt, rennet.
Processing: Raw unpasteurized milk with organic certification and hay milk.

Production area

Product: Dairy of Turrida di Sedegliano (Province of Udine).


La Sisile” Organic Farm – Talmassons, via S.Antonio, 36 Talmassons (UD).
Production period: All year round


Latteria is a cheese traditionally eaten as a meal, it is also well used in cooking, for example in combination with other mature cheeses for the preparation of the traditional “frico”; it goes well with young red wines and white wines that are not excessively aromatic).

Latteria Biologica Friulana
Via Montello, 7 - Turrida, UD, Italia


  • Turrida

    LU MA ME GI VE SA : 7.00 -13.00

  • Udine

    MA 15-19 | VE 8-13 | SA 8-13

  • Pordenone

    ME 8-13 | SA 8-13

  • Gorizia

     GI 8-13 | SA 8-13

Logo La SIsile

Azienda Agricola La Sisile
Via S. Antonio, 36 - Talmassons, UD, Italia
P.IVA/C.F. 01981450305

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