Tasting BIO Montasio dop + Friulano doc + vegetable cream

Launch offer on the occasion of the new wine!


Three excellent companies in organic Friuli offer you the best of tradition. We match our fresh BIO Montasio cheese with hay milk with the Friulano DOC of Aquila del Torre and the unfailing BIO vegetable cream of Azienda Agricola Faleschini.
Aquila del Torre is a corner of paradise on the hills of Savorgnano. The Ciani family has decided to focus on high quality organic production that respects traditional flavours. Luigi Faleschini is an alchemist of vegetables in oil and sweet and sour, which he grows on his mountain farm at 800 meters above sea level, in an uncontaminated environment.
With this promotion we want to share with you the best that can be found in our region in terms of flavor and authenticity.

Latteria Biologica Friulana
Via Montello, 7 - Turrida, UD, Italia


  • Turrida

    LU MA ME GI VE SA : 7.00 -13.00

  • Udine

    MA 15-19 | VE 8-13 | SA 8-13

  • Pordenone

    ME 8-13 | SA 8-13

  • Gorizia

     GI 8-13 | SA 8-13

Logo La SIsile

Azienda Agricola La Sisile
Via S. Antonio, 36 - Talmassons, UD, Italia
P.IVA/C.F. 01981450305

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