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Eating organic is good for your health

Food substantially influences our lives by dictating the timing of our lives: breakfast when we wake up, lunch in the middle of the day and dinner at the end of the day, with all the various snacks we may or may not indulge in. It is therefore clear that the importance of choosing what to eat is fundamental to trying to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And our organic cheeses fit the bill, and it’s not just us saying so, but science. Research published in a major scientific journal and reported in this agrifoodtoday article, explains how eating organic helps protect against some of the world’s most dangerous diseases. In fact, it is said that those who consume this type of food, not ingesting substances contaminated with pesticides, have a 25% lower chance of contracting cancer.

Dr Julia Baundry, who led the work, says “organic foods are less likely to contain pesticides than conventional foods and studies have shown that an organic diet reduces exposure to certain pesticides.” Our organic and vegetarian cheeses are made with wholesome ingredients that, combined with a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle, can help you stay healthy and fit. We care about our cheeses as much as we care about our customers. Eat organic. Eat organic cheese…

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